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One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

Fordie is a landscape-scale Scottish estate which contains a variety of habitats and land uses, which are managed together to provide diverse ecosystems, biodiversity benefits and timber production and to promote sustainable land management. We aim to demonstrate a greenprint for a highland business that delivers a blend of financial, environmental and social returns to benefit both people and nature.

The estate includes commercial and amenity woodlands, peatland & wetland habitats, an upland livestock enterprise, deer stalking, fishing and several options for holiday accommodation. There is also a run-of-the-river hydro system that generates renewable electricity for the local grid and diverse wooded and montane landscapes starting in the Strathearn river valley and rising to Ben Chonzie (a Munro at 3,054 feet) which offer beautiful walks and stunning views.

We combine these enterprises to create and maintain wonderful habitats for a wide variety of native wildlife, plant and increase natural regeneration of new trees, restore our peatlands and allow people – both local and visitors from further afield – to enjoy these beautiful places places for both work and recreation.


Introducing you to the natural beauty of the highlands


Providing both commercial and amenity woodland, perfect for the wildlife and walkers.


Our preserved peatland habitats are a hive of activity for the local wildlife.


Four charming holiday homes provide a wonderful getaway for a range of group sizes and budgets.

We would love to welcome you to Fordie – whether for a stay in one of our picturesque holiday cottages or a day out deer stalking.

What we can offer

Enjoy the highlands



There are four holiday houses on Fordie. They surround a central courtyard and provide a fantastic base to explore the local area



With the River Earn river running through the Estate, Fordie can offer salmon and sea trout fishing


Deer stalking

Over 5,000 acres, Fordie has populations of red and roe deer.

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